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  • spy
  • pitch-perfect-2
  • Both Witherspoon and Vergara not only star in the film but also served as a producer and executive producer, respectively. The story appealed to both actresses, who saw the comic possibilities of working together, even though they’d never met.
  • just-before-i-go
  • paul-blart-mall-cop-2
  • get-hard

Action Movies

  • Director Brad Peyton likes to shoot on the Z-axis, which creates a sense of movement away from and towards the camera.
  • spy
  • mad-max
  • last-knights
  • furious7
  • run-all-night

Horror Movies

  • vatican-tapes
  • insidious-chapter-3
  • unfriended
  • the-lazarus-effect
  • ouija
  • dracula-untold
  • as-above-so-below
  • deliver-us-from-evil
  • My goal was to create an elevated genre film that examines the last days in the life of a religious cult. It is rare to find films like these that are more than just cheap thrills aimed at the lowest common denominator. It was important to me not to portray these characters as mindless, psychotic cult members, but as relatable real people - Ti West

Romance Movies

  • aloha
  • adaline
  • fifty-shades-of-grey
  • the-last-5-years
  • love-rosie
  • serena
  • beyond-the-lights
  • thetheoryofeverything
  • addicted

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