Ed Gass-Donnelly

by MoreMovieDetails | February 23, 2013 7:56 pm

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January 2011 Ed Gass-Donnelly was selected as one of the top ten film makers to watch[1]

January 2011 Ed Gass-Donnelly was selected as one of the top ten film makers to watch

Ed Gass-Donnelly (born August 17, 1977 in Toronto, Ontario) is an award-winning Canadian film director, screenwriter and producer. His work often explores themes of death, colliding worlds and the darker sides of human nature. His characters are every-day people who are put in extraordinary situations and left to fend for themselves. Stylistically, Gass-Donnelly’s films follow non-linear plot-structures with multiple storylines.

Hailing from roots in the theatre, he has approached his films with an unapologetically hands-on approach, often serving as director, producer, writer, and editor. After making numerous short film and music videos, Gass-Donnelly’s feature debut, THIS BEAUTIFUL CITY premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2007 and went on to be nominated for four Canadian Academy Awards (the Genie Awards).

Ed Gass-Donnelly Filmography

2013 The Last Exorcism Part II

2010 Small Town Murder Songs

2009 60 Seconds of Regret (short)

2007 This Beautiful City

2003 Pink (short)

2002 Pony (short)

2002 Dying Like Ophelia (short)

2002 Polished (short)
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