Insights from the Cinematic World: Hong Kong


Blackhat follows convicted hacker Nicholas Hathaway (CHRIS HEMSWORTH), furloughed from federal prison, and his American and Chinese partners as they try to identify and hunt down a world-class and dangerous cybercrime network from Los Angeles to Hong Kong, Perak, Malaysia and Jakarta.

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Vulgaria is vulgar and offensive in every way – and is meant to be. But for Chinese Mainlanders, the term “vulgar” can also refer to Hong Kong comedies they don’t understand. Just as Pang H- Cheung’s Love in the Buff broke the traditional romantic comedy, becoming one of the highest grossing films in the territory and enjoying a tremendous response from audiences

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Vengeance is a French and Hong Kong co-production between Hong Kong companies Media Asia and French distributor ARP Sélection. The film was produced by Milkyway Image, the independent production company founded by director Johnnie To and screenwriter Wai Ka-Fai


Vengeance is a 2009 neo-noir crime film directed by Johnnie To from a screenplay written by Wai Ka-Fai. A co-production between Hong Kong and France, the film stars Johnny Hallyday, Sylvie Testud, Simon Yam, Anthony Wong, Lam Suet and Lam Ka-Tung.

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