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In March 2008, police arrested Emily Leatherman outside John Cusack's Malibu home for stalking the actor.

In March 2008, police arrested Emily Leatherman outside 's Malibu home for stalking the actor.

(born June 28, 1966) is an American film actor and screenwriter. He has appeared in more than 50 . Cusack was born in Evanston, Illinois, to an family. His father, (1925–2003), was also an actor, as are his siblings Ann, Joan, Bill and Susie.

John Cusack has evolved into one of the most accomplished and respected actors of his generation, garnering prestigious accolades for his dramatic and comedic roles. He gained fame in the mid-1980s after appearing in teen movies.

Cusack has trained in kickboxing for over 20 years under former world kickboxing champion Benny “The Jet” Urquidez. He began training under Urquidez in preparation for his role in Say Anything and currently holds the rank of Level 6 black belt in Urquidez' Ukidokan Kickboxing system.

Since May 2005, John Cusack has been an avid blogger at The Huffington Post, including an interview with Naomi Klein. He has written extensively on his opposition to the war in Iraq and his disdain for the Bush administration, calling its worldview “depressing, corrupt, unlawful, and tragically absurd”

John Cusack Filmography

2016 Kickback
2016 Cell
2016 Chiraq
2015 Dragon Blade
2014 Untitled Wall Street Project
2014 Reclaim
2014 The Prince
2014 Maps to the Stars
2014 Love & Mercy
2014 Five Minutes to Live
2014 Drive Hard
2014 Grand Piano
2014 The Bag Man
2014 Reclaim
2013 Motel
2013 Lee Daniel's The Butler
2013 The Frozen Ground
2013 Adult World
2013 The Numbers Station
2013 No somos animales
2012 The Paperboy
2011 The Factory
2010 Shanghai
2010 Hot Tub Time Machine
2009 2012
2008 Igor
2008 War, Inc.
2008 Summerhood (Narrator uncredited)
2007 Martian Child
2007 1408
2007 Grace Is Gone
2006 The Contract
2005 The Ice Harvest
2005 Must Love Dogs
2003 Runaway Jury
2003 Identity
2002 Max
2001 Serendipity
2001 America's Sweethearts
2000 High Fidelity
1999 Being John Malkovich
1999 Cradle Will Rock
1999 Pushing Tin
1999 The Jack Bull
1998 The Thin Red Line
1998 This Is My Father
1997 Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil
1997 Anastasia
1997 Chicago Cab
1997 Con Air
1997 Grosse Pointe Blank
1996 City Hall
1994 The Road to Wellville
1994 Bullets Over Broadway
1994 Floundering
1993 Money for Nothing
1993 Map of the Human Heart
1992 Bob Roberts
1992 Roadside Prophets
1991 Shadows and Fog
1991 True Colors
1990 The Grifters
1989 Fat Man and Little Boy
1989 Say Anything…
1989 Elvis Stories (short)
1988 Eight Men Out
1988 Tapeheads
1987 Broadcast News
1987 Hot Pursuit
1986 One Crazy Summer
1986 Stand by Me
1985 The Journey of Natty Gann
1985 Better Off Dead…
1985 The Sure Thing
1984 Grandview, U.S.A.
1984 Sixteen Candles
1983 Class

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