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In 2013, Elba made his directorial debut with SKYTV’s Pavement Psychologist and the music video for Mumford & Sons “Lover of the Light.”
In 2013, Elba made his directorial debut with SKYTV's Pavement Psychologist and the music video for Mumford & Sons “Lover of the Light.”

In 2013, Elba made his directorial debut with SKYTV's Pavement Psychologist and the music video for Mumford & Sons “Lover of the Light.”

Idrissa Akuna “Idris” Elba (born 6 September 1972) is a British actor, producer, singer, rapper, and . Elba was born in Hackney, London. His father, Winston, was a who worked at a Ford motor factory, and his mother, Eve, was a Ghanaian who had a clerical job.

Idris Elba himself was raised in East Ham, a suburban district of London, . He shortened his first name at school in Canning Town, where he first became involved in acting. He began helping an uncle with his wedding DJ business in 1986; within a year, he had started his own DJ company with some of his friends.

Elba left school in 1988 and won a place in the National Youth Music Theatre, thanks to a £1,500 Prince's Trust grant, but he ended up having to work in various jobs such as tyre-fitting and cold-call advertising sales to earn an income between roles in Crimewatch murder reconstructions. He was working in nightclubs under the DJ nickname Big Driis at the age of 19, but began auditioning for television parts in his early twenties. After a stint in the National Youth Music Theatre, he worked the night shift at Ford Dagenham.

In 1995, Elba landed his first role on a series called Bramwell, a medical drama set in 1890s England. He played the lead character in an episode of the first season, an African petty thief named Charlie Carter, who lost his white wife to childbirth and had to figure out how to support his newborn daughter. His first credited role arrived in 1995, with a supporting role as a gigolo on the “Sex” episode of Absolutely Fabulous.

Elba was selected as one of Peoples annual 100 Most Beautiful People in the World in May 2007. Idris Elba was named Essences annual 2013 Sexiest Man of the Year. He was also ranked #2 in Peoples annual Sexiest Man Alive in 2013.

Idris Elba Filmography

2016 King Arthur
2016 Bastille Day
2016 Alive Alone
2015 The Jungle Book
2015 Beasts of No Nation
2015 A Hundred Streets
2015 The Gunman
2014 Second Coming
2013 Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom
2013 Pacific Rim
2010 Takers
2010 The Losers
2010 Legacy: Black Ops
2009 Obsessed
2009 The Unborn
2008 The Human Contract
2008 RocknRolla
2008 Prom Night
2007 This Christmas
2007 American Gangster
2007 28 Weeks Later
2007 The Reaping
2007 Daddy's Little Girls
2006 All in the Game
2005 The Gospel
2005 World of Trouble
2005 Sometimes in April
2003 One Love
2001 Buffalo Soldiers
2000 Sorted
1999 Belle maman
1997 Behind the Mask

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